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How to grow e-mail text without impacting the rest of the page

June 1, 2017
BY GEORGE GORDON • Computer Guru , Lahaina News

People ask me all the time if they can enlarge their e-mail text, so they don't have to go see their eye doctor and get magnifying Coke bottle lenses. Well, I have good news for you, so you can save your money for an office visit.

If you want to make text or a photo bigger, try pressing the Command and the Plus (+) key. Command and the Minus (-) key shrinks the images. Command Zero (0) returns everything back to normal.

But there is one problem by zooming in: the image or photo on the page also gets bigger, and the page size shrinks so you can't see everything all at once. Wait... I have a solution for that. Holding down the Command, Option and Plus (+) keys will only make the text get bigger - not the images on the page. This is really cool to use, so try it out.

The Ransomware virus called WannaCry only affected the Windows computer by people visiting a site that downloaded the virus. The virus waited a few days then encrypted all the files on their computers. Bummer. You then had to pay money for a code to un-encrypt all your files. Good luck getting that code after they robbed you of all your money!

This could have been avoided by applying Microsoft's update, which many people never did. People think that applying the update will slow down their computer or screw it up and make things worse. Well, sometimes that happens, so it's a hit and miss on whether you want to download the latest update. Most updates are security ones that apply patches in the Internet Explorer or the Edge programs. Other updates add new fonts or fix other things. These updates can take up a lot of space, since it's downloaded for 193 countries. The bottom line: update your Windows computer.

Quite often, if I don't know something, I'll ask Google and may end up on YouTube, where I can watch a video clip of how to fix something. Now, there is another app out there that you can ask and get answers for questions like, "How many hours does it take to drive from Maalaea to Lahaina?" Or, "Will the Lahaina fireworks display this year go over 9.129745 minutes?" This app called Quora is in Beta, meaning that it will get better as it gets upgraded.

Are you getting calls constantly from mortgage companies and fake Microsoft tech people, or your auto warranty is currently in jeopardy? Download the app Truecaller. This app saved me from answering the fake, annoying advertising calls by telling me it's a SPAMMER trying to steal my hard-earned computer repair money.

The night that Lahainaluna High School burnt the "L" up on the hill, I drove up on the bypass with some friends and we took some snapshots with our iPhones. Theirs came out looking like the old-time movie "The Blob," but mine came out with a perfect red "L" with blue skies and white clouds in the background. You asked, "Cough it up, Mr. Guru. How'd you do it?" Well, it's because I used my app called NightCap Pro. I can take a photo at 1:30 in the morning, and it looks like I took it at 1:30 in the afternoon. It will show green leaves, white clouds and blue skies. Try it and see for yourself.

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