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LETTERS for February 14 issue

February 14, 2013 Bathers deserve equal protection The whale season is upon us, and jet-skiers and parasailors are banned from our sanctuary waters to protect our humpback whales from being run over by these... more »»

LETTERS for February 7 issue

February 7, 2013 Gun shows must be regulated I’m not a shrink, but I’ve been accused of having common sense sometimes. I’ve been holding my breath on the subject of gun control for some months no. more »»

LETTERS for January 31 issue

January 31, 2013 Concerns on Act 55 Many in the Repeal Act 55 movement — myself included — do not consider the governor’s statement as a considerable step forward, as it may lead some to believe at first blush. more »»

LETTERS for January 24 issue

January 24, 2013 Enjoys the sound of motorcycle parades Normally I am not a person to speak out, but I could not let the letter from “Name Withheld” about the motorcycle riders go unanswered. more »»

LETTERS for January 17 issue

January 17, 2013 Pedestrians not safe crossing the lower road I never thought I’d be in favor of another stop sign on our aina, but after last night, I feel it is a must. more »»

LETTERS for January 10 issue

January 10, 2013 Entitlement programs out of control It’s a refreshing change to see someone that can speak common sense (“The grown-up approach to the Fiscal Cliff,” Dec. 27 Letters). more »»

LETTERS for January 3 issue

January 3, 2013 Inouye touched many lives Sen. Daniel Inouye came home today — home for his final res. more »»

LETTERS for December 27 issue

December 27, 2012 Police tasked with upholding the law Recently in the media, there was an article pertaining to oversized tires, illegal tinted windows and excessive speeding. more »»

LETTERS for December 20 issue

December 20, 2012 Sierra Club reflects on 2012’s progress At the end of the year, as I write, I hope everyone is enjoying a well-deserved rest from your hard work advocating for our islands. more »»

LETTERS for December 13 issue

December 13, 2012 Team won the hearts of the community “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breaths away.” Our football season delivered many such moments. more »»

LETTERS for December 6 issue

December 6, 2012 Proud to live in Lahaina While on a recent trip to Seoul, on the wall of a building filled with sayings, I was impressed by one that said, “Be proud of where you are from, but be glad where you are... more »»

LETTERS for November 29 issue

November 29, 2012 We cannot just keep on developing Development at Lipoa Point? A new community in Olowalu? We will soon rival Honolulu for the distinction of the worst traffic in the country. more »»

LETTERS for November 22 issue

November 22, 2012 Giving thanks from the heart During my first few years in Hawaii, the idea of celebrating Thanksgiving was just like an ordinary holiday — just another day to free yourself from work. more »»

LETTERS for November 15 issue

November 15, 2012 Nobody helping the U.S. more »»

LETTERS for November 8 issue

November 8, 2012 Coalition raising money to preserve Honolua On behalf of the Save Honolua Coalition, we agree there must be cooperation between the county, state and federal governments, in addition to community... more »»

LETTERS for November 1 issue

November 1, 2012 Government can’t seize private land Letters have been written about how excellent a councilperson is who stood up to put Lipoa Point into scenic preserve. more »»

LETTERS for October 25 issue

October 25, 2012 Do politicians care about the lower class? This is in regard to the first presidential debate that was on television recently. I watched and couldn’t believe what comes out of politicians’ mou. more »»

LETTERS for October 18 issue

October 18, 2012 Preserve Honolua I don’t get to go to Honolua Bay much anymore, but it’s nice to know that it’s still there. more »»

LETTERS for October 11 issue

October 11, 2012 Community must help people in need For some reason, I feel that Lahaina has a huge “white elephant” in town, and no one wants to acknowledge it. Homelessness. It is ever-increasing in Lahaina. more »»

LETTERS for October 4 issue

October 4, 2012 Vote for better representation on the council The deadline to register to vote is coming up fast (Oct. 8). I recently registered to vote because I think it’s important. Not because of Obama vs. more »»



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