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How to open side by side windows in Safari

July 26, 2018 I’ve really missed being able to open up two windows displaying side by side at the same time, like I can do on my PC. I recently found an easy way to do the same on my iMac or my Mac Air. more »»

Clean your Safari cache and history periodically

July 19, 2018 Every once in a while, you need to clean up your Safari cache. The cache is a place that Safari stores data, like photos off the Interne. more »»

Help for ‘tech neck’

July 19, 2018 The act of holding your head flexed forward while looking down at your electronic devices — phones, tablets, e-readers, laptops, etc. — places your cervical spine in a tenuous position. more »»

College application season starts soon

July 12, 2018 August 1 is typically seen as the opening of college application season. more »»

File won’t print? Don’t call tech support in India

July 5, 2018 If all of a sudden your printer won’t print on your Mac, don’t throw a temper tantrum and call up HP Support. It’s possible you have a document either stuck or corrupt in your printer’s job. more »»

Watersports and whiplash

June 21, 2018 For many surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers, watersports are not just a sport — they are a way of life. more »»

New feature can turn AirPods into hearing aids

June 21, 2018 With midterm elections coming up, now is a great time to use your computer to access the candidates’ websites and laugh at all their promises. more »»

Making the most of your college visit

June 14, 2018 Showing a “demonstrated interest” in a college can make a difference in your application process to many colleges. more »»

More tips and tricks for iPhone users

June 7, 2018 Are you tired of watching those stupid ads before you view a video clip on a news app? Every time I open up my app for NBC, CBS or Smart News on my iPhone, I have to endure at least ten seconds of a... more »»

How to thwart the ‘Black Dot of Death’ Messages App bug

May 24, 2018 There’s a new bug going around that can paralyze the iPhone’s Messages App if it receives a message with a particular character — and not even a reboot will fix i. more »»

Core fitness for spinal health

May 24, 2018 When most people think about core strength, they picture six-pack abs and millions of sit-ups. more »»

Watch out for new scams and viruses

May 10, 2018 The Android.Fakeyouwon virus is out and now infecting Android phones (not Apple). more »»

Five tips for spinal health

April 26, 2018 Are you suffering from neck and/or back pain? Do you struggle with poor posture? Do you spend a lot of time standing at work, sitting at a computer or slumped over a desk? If so, here are five basic... more »»

New iOS 11.3 offers auto-fill for your apps

April 19, 2018 The new iOS 11.3 will use auto-fill that automatically fills in your username and passwords in apps. You don’t have to type them in. more »»

It’s decision time for college!

April 12, 2018 Okay, so it is April now. You have heard from all of the schools to which you applied and hopefully have been accepted to a fe. more »»

How to set up your Apple laptop to take phone calls

April 5, 2018 Let’s say you are typing a letter on your Apple laptop to your senator. You get an urgent call from the President, your iPhone is across the room and you’re too lazy to walk over and answer i. more »»

New iPad will have facial recognition

March 29, 2018 Got some good news that Apple is finally coming out with an iPad that has facial recognition. more »»

A unique approach for vertigo

March 22, 2018 According to the American Hearing Research Foundation, over 35 percent of U.S. adults over the age of 40 (69 million Americans) have experienced vertigo at some point in their lives. more »»

Standardized testing for college admissions

March 15, 2018 Standardized admissions testing is one of the most dreaded parts of the entire process of applying for college. more »»

Review website addresses carefully before calling technical support

March 15, 2018 AOL has discontinued the AOL DESKTOP version, which prevents members from getting their e-mail. Going online to find an AOL tech support number to call is a fatal mistake. Don’t do it. more »»



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