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College Spotlight: Loyola Marymount University

June 13, 2019 Every year, I visit a few colleges or universities around the country, so I can better assess the schools for compatibility for my students. more »»

Tricks for Windows users

June 6, 2019 Hey all you Windows users — this one is for you. I have a bunch of tricks that may come in handy. First one is called Timeline. more »»

Useful keyboard shortcuts

May 30, 2019 Many people don’t realize the potential of using keyboard shortcuts to perform many tasks. Here are a few that you might want to use. Let’s say you have Safari opened up and Microsoft Word. more »»

Trigeminal neuralgia and the upper cervical spine

May 23, 2019 Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is considered to be one of the most painful afflictions known to medical science. While TN is not fatal, its symptoms are very intense. more »»

Ocean guardians express gratitude to the aina through service

May 16, 2019 On Earth Day, the ocean guardians of West Maui gathered for a sacred sunrise ceremony. The ceremony was one of service to the beloved aina. Many would come. more »»

Have trouble typing? Try the one-handed keyboard

May 16, 2019 If you have a large iPhone and big, clunky fingers, you can switch to the one-handed keyboard. Try this for fun. more »»

Amazing iPhone tips and tricks

May 9, 2019 In this issue, I’ll show you some amazing tips and tricks using the iPhone. The first one that I really use a lot is “Search. more »»

Building your college ‘resume’

May 9, 2019 With the end of the school year right around the corner, college preparation is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind. more »»

Spasmodic torticollis and the upper cervical spine

April 25, 2019 Spasmodic torticollis, also known as cervical dystonia or wryneck, is a debilitating movement disorder characterized by painful, involuntary muscle spasms that cause jerking, twisting, tremoring and... more »»

Have Siri help you with reminders

April 18, 2019 Let’s say you want to buy a special kind of zit face cream, and you’re too lazy to keep looking up the website every time. more »»

Everything you never wanted to know about standardized testing

April 18, 2019 Standardized testing for college admissions has been a hot topic in the news of late. more »»

An alternative approach for paresthesia

April 12, 2019 Are you experiencing numbness, tingling or a burning sensation radiating down one or both arms? Is this sensation accompanied by pain around the neck, shoulder blade, hand or fingers? Does moving... more »»

Scholastic surfing growing world-class surfers on Maui

April 11, 2019 Maui County is the only place in the USA with a scholastic surfing league. Maui County is also the best place in the USA for a scholastic surfing leagu. more »»

Help for herniated discs

March 28, 2019 Do you have weakness in your arms or legs? Are you suffering from nerve pain or tingling down your extremities? Are you experiencing shooting pain in your neck, upper back or low back? Do you have... more »»

A great app for camera freaks

March 28, 2019 Get this, camera freaks: you can now shoot RAW photos with the iPhone. First off, you have to download a third-party app called Obscura. Once opened, you can choose Format and click on RAW. more »»

What do I ask at the college fair?

March 21, 2019 The Spring College Fair is scheduled for Friday, April 26, at Maui High from 5 to 7 p.m. more »»

Progress, not perfection

March 14, 2019 How are we to live? It’s the essential question that underpins our lives.   Each day we make tens, hundreds, thousands of micro-decisions. more »»

More tips for Macs and iPhones

March 14, 2019 Here is a neat way to edit photos on your Mac. Open up Photos and select one, then hit the two keys Command and Return. more »»

More information on the Windows 10 update coming out in April

March 7, 2019 I just heard that MacNet is closing their Apple store in Kahului. The good news is that I repair all types of Macbook Pros and Macbook Airs. So, just e-mail me at mauimist8669@yaho. more »»

Birth by Fire, Death by Water

February 21, 2019 Kahana is falling into the sea. It’s happening slowly, but it’s happening. And people are freaking out. Of course, in the long march of history, we know this is the destiny of Maui, and Hawaii. more »»



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