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Create a shortcut to command: ‘Hey Siri, take a picture!’

December 20, 2018 Do you remember being eight years old and building a log cabin with Lincoln Logs or a crane with an erecter set? Wanna have some fun building what is called a shortcut on the iPhone that can be very... more »»

Use Voice Memos to make reminder lists

December 6, 2018 You now have a Voice Memos app on the Mac. That means you can record your voice, music and even lectures and save it to small clip. more »»

Volunteers vital to Sentry Tournament of Champions 

December 6, 2018 KAPALUA — We are less than 30 days from the start of the Sentry Tournament of Champions and watching the best PGA Tour players in the world compete at The Plantation Course at Kapalua. more »»

An update on Lulu

November 29, 2018 Six years ago, a couple pulled over near Honolua Bay, placed a dog bowl with a little food in it and pushed out a puppy on the side of the road. more »»

Parents’ guide to college admissions time

November 29, 2018 Going through the college admissions cycle with your high school student can be an extremely stressful time for both student and parent. more »»

Try out the new Continuity Camera

November 22, 2018 In my last article, I showed you how to use Air Drop to send a photo from your iPhone to your Ma. more »»

New Mac OS Mojave has some really cool features

November 15, 2018 Apple is bringing Live Listen: the ability for an iPhone to act as a microphone for hearing aids, to AirPods. more »»

Optimize storage or move your photos that are taking up space

November 1, 2018 As reported by ThreatPost, an app called Adware Doctor has been copying people’s browsing history from Chrome, Firefox and Safari and sending it off to a China-based domain for currently unknown... more »»

TMJ dysfunction: Can the problem originate in the neck?

October 25, 2018 The TMJ — the temporomandibular joint — is located where the jaw connects to the skull on each side. more »»

More tips for affording college and the upcoming College Fair!

October 18, 2018 Last month I wrote about FAFSA and ways to get funding for college. This month I want to tell you about some more opportunities for attending college that can make it more affordable. more »»

Don’t install the Microsoft Windows 10 update!!

October 18, 2018 ALERT! ALERT!! The Microsoft Windows 10 update is said to delete all your files, so don’t’ update it! Windows is pulling the update off of its website, stating that it will delete almost all your... more »»

What’s new in iOS 12?

October 11, 2018 The new iOS 12 IS out! Here are some of the best features that you might want to use. more »»

The mind-blowing trick of the century for iPhones

October 4, 2018 To see the battery percentage on the iPhone X, swipe down from the top right. Windows 10 is not letting you install Firefox or Chrome on your PC with the new upgrade coming out. more »»

Learning the rogues’ gallery of malware

September 27, 2018 In my last column, I talked about installing Malwarebytes on your Mac and PC. This program doesn’t protect you, however. more »»

How to pay for college: Financial aid basics

September 27, 2018 College is a huge investment for students and their families. more »»

Why write when you can keep a video diary?

September 20, 2018 If you like keeping a diary, I have some good news that will save your typing fingers. How about making a video diary? On the Macbook Pro and iMac is a program called QuickTime player. more »»

Headache types: Tension, cluster or migraine?

September 20, 2018 Headaches are among the most common disorders of the human nervous system worldwide. The most common headache types include tension, migraine and cluste. more »»

Track hurricanes and bad weather on your smart phone

September 13, 2018 It’s hurricane season, and you should have a hurricane app on your smart phone so you can see if it’s coming toward the islands. more »»

High school concussions on the rise

August 23, 2018 According to the Hawaii Concussion Awareness & Management Program (HCAMP), high school athletics-related concussions have increased to over 1,000 cases per year. more »»

Two apps provide incredible information

August 23, 2018 I just downloaded from the Apple App Store two really cool apps that many of you would love to use. The first one is called Universal Image Search. more »»



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