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Ready to delete some old apps?

January 18, 2018 On the Mac computer, you have all kinds of programs and apps that you can open up by clicking on the Launch Pad icon on the lower dock. Once you click on Launch Pad, all the icons show up. more »»

Lahaina Bypass presentation, hearing set for Monday

January 18, 2018 2018 will be a busy year, and I wanted to highlight two of the many important issues we are tackling in my office. more »»

More iPhone tips and tricks

December 28, 2017 You might not have realized that iOS has an extra built-in app hidden behind the Compass. If you load up the Compass, then swipe left, you’ll find a level tool. more »»

End of the ride for 2017 and the first year of this new column

December 21, 2017 What just happened? 2017 is ending? The Earth has revolved around the sun one more time? Four seasons have come and gone? Donald Trump has served as President for one year? My daughter is... more »»

Want to block unwanted calls, and find out who’s calling?

December 14, 2017 Okay, you keep getting calls from Ed McMahon offering you one million dollars every four o’clock in the morning. Besides wanting to strangle him, just block the cal. more »»

Helpful tricks for your new iPhone X

November 30, 2017 In the new issue, I’ve created “The Idiot’s Guide to Set-up the iPhone X” and other helpful tricks. more »»

Maui is Magic: Winter has come...

November 23, 2017 Winter is here. Surfers rejoice! It’s been a stellar start to Winter 2017-18 for Maui surfers. more »»

Send your boss a photo, so you can skip work when the surf is firing

November 23, 2017 On your Mac, using the new operating system High Sierra, there is a new Photo App 3.0 that allows you to view your recent imported photo. more »»

Tricks on the new iPhone X

November 16, 2017 I once used two to three scanning apps, but now I can scan anything using the Notes app. Open it up, press on the + sign and choose Scan Documents. more »»

Keeping the literary lights on in West Maui! 

November 2, 2017 It’s been a tough week for the printed page on Maui. On Oct. 20, The Maui News, Maui’s daily newspaper, announced that it was ending 5 a.m. doorstep delivery. more »»

More iPhone tips and hidden features

November 2, 2017 In the new iOS 11.0.3, Siri has become much smarter and will perform many more functions. I held my iPhone up to my ear and said, “Hey Siri, open up my Citi Mobile App. more »»

Tips to speed up your iPhone’s performance

October 26, 2017 First things first: after you update your iPhone to iOS 11, don’t panic. Your phone is going to slow down and your battery life will take a hit for at least a day or two as your iPhone re-indexes. more »»

Apple launches new iOS 11 for the iPad

October 19, 2017 In this issue, I’m going to talk a little about the new iOS 11 for the iPad. I have an iPad Mini and use it more than my laptop. more »»

Want to connect to the Internet without using an expensive wireless router?

October 12, 2017 Are you sitting down? I have a fantastic solution for all you people who don’t have a wireless router and want to connect your iPhone or iPad up to the networ. more »»

Kai Lenny shifts the paradigm in the water and on land

October 12, 2017 Sept. 22 was a historical night at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center. more »»

The best new features in iOS 11

September 28, 2017 It’s a big day, as iOS 11 comes out for the iPhone and iPad. Wow — so many new things. People probably won’t use most of them because they’ll have to read a book on how to use them... more »»

iPhone X offers cool features

September 21, 2017 The iPhone X just came out, and the front and back is all glass now, using facial recognition to open it up. more »»

Parents can use the ReplyASAP app to touch base with their children

September 14, 2017 Disney is entering the video streaming game, having just announced it’s pulling its movies from Netflix and building its own streaming service. Grab your popcor. more »»

Wild, serene, alive: Preserving the mana of Honolua

September 7, 2017 Hokule‘a’s arrival at Honolua Bay on Aug. 17 was subtle, just as Archie Kalepa said it would be.   As I worked through the afternoon on a hillside in Napili, I scanned the channel anxiously. more »»

How to backup music, pictures and documents to a USB Flash Drive

August 31, 2017 This week, we’re going to backup all your pictures, documents and music to a USB Flash Drive that you hopefully bought at Office Max. more »»



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