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What do I ask at the college fair?

March 21, 2019 The Spring College Fair is scheduled for Friday, April 26, at Maui High from 5 to 7 p.m. more »»

Progress, not perfection

March 14, 2019 How are we to live? It’s the essential question that underpins our lives.   Each day we make tens, hundreds, thousands of micro-decisions. more »»

More tips for Macs and iPhones

March 14, 2019 Here is a neat way to edit photos on your Mac. Open up Photos and select one, then hit the two keys Command and Return. more »»

More information on the Windows 10 update coming out in April

March 7, 2019 I just heard that MacNet is closing their Apple store in Kahului. The good news is that I repair all types of Macbook Pros and Macbook Airs. So, just e-mail me at mauimist8669@yaho. more »»

Birth by Fire, Death by Water

February 21, 2019 Kahana is falling into the sea. It’s happening slowly, but it’s happening. And people are freaking out. Of course, in the long march of history, we know this is the destiny of Maui, and Hawaii. more »»

Eight tips for neck pain relief

February 21, 2019 When pain syndromes originate in the cervical (neck) spine, there can be a number of associated symptoms. more »»

Learn about the new Windows 10 update features

February 21, 2019 In this and the next article coming up, I’m going to show you the new Windows 10 update features. more »»

High school seniors: Don’t let ‘senioritis’ get you down!

February 21, 2019 There is a tendency among seniors in high school to suffer from “senioritis” in that second semester of their senior year. more »»

Want to watch movie trailers ad-free?

February 14, 2019 Nowadays, you have to view a bunch of ads before watching a video clip, especially movie trailers. Boy! Do have some good news. more »»

Storm of the century floods Pele’s Cathedral

February 7, 2019 On a foreboding, dark evening in April 2018, a 500-year storm is gathering force offshore. The sun’s searing heat sucks the ocean into the sky. The air sags with heavy water. more »»

How to refine Netflix searches

January 31, 2019 Hey folks, do you use Netflix to stream your movies like I do? Do you get confused on how to search for a specific movie? Well, I have some good news, so you can sleep better at night and not worry... more »»

Chronic neck pain and the upper cervical spine

January 31, 2019 Living with chronic neck pain has a detrimental effect on one’s quality of life. Most patients suffering from chronic pain are impacted not only physically but also psychologically. more »»

Joy and sadness for the West Maui Ocean Tribe

January 24, 2019 It’s been a month of joy and sadness in the West Maui Ocean Tribe. First, the joy. The Northern Oceans of the planet churn. more »»

Tips for both Android and iPhone users

January 17, 2019 Are you scared to go to a website and search for something that may be embarrassing? Did you know that websites track your activity? And the next day, when you turn on your computer, you’ll get ads... more »»

Dropping back in to the Green Room in 2019

January 10, 2019 Aloha West Maui. I really missed writing this column! After a year of delivering the Green Room column in 2017, I went dark in 2018. more »»

Use search engines that don’t collect data about you

January 3, 2019 Using Google for searches just gives the company more information about you and allows it to better track your movements around the web. more »»

Help for adolescent scoliosis

December 27, 2018 Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) — which accounts for 90 percent of all scoliosis cases — is so named because its cause, from a medical viewpoint, is unknown. more »»

Sentry Tournament of Champions a family affair

December 27, 2018 KAPALUA — With just a week left until the first tee shots are hit at the Sentry Tournament of Champions, our team wants to extend a heartfelt mahalo to everyone that makes the event possible. more »»

Juniors: Your college admissions season starts NOW!

December 27, 2018 It may seem one does not need to start thinking about applying to college until one is a senior... more »»

Community support key to Sentry Tournament of Champions

December 20, 2018 KAPALUA — We are just a few weeks away from the start of the Sentry Tournament of Champions, and the excitement is starting to ratchet up. more »»


Hula shows set March 26, 2019

Free hula shows are held daily from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Kaanapali Beach Hotel. Hawaiian music is played from 6 to 9 p.m. Call 661-0011. more »

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