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Mac iOS 14.15.4 update includes the option to share folders

April 9, 2020 Wow, double WOW, do I have some cool stuff to share with you! With the new update for the Mac iOS 14.15.4, which you need to download, you’re going to be able to share folders with other people. more »»

College Spotlight: Chapman University

April 9, 2020 Since we are all sheltering in place these days, it is going to put a stop to elective visits to the Mainland for any purpose, not the least of which is college visit. more »»

COVID-19 updates with Maui Health

April 9, 2020 WAILUKU — Lisa Paulson, director of strategic communications at Maui Health, will field questions in this weekly column. Q: There is a lot of information out there on COVID-19. more »»

Standardized testing for college admissions

April 2, 2020 Standardized admissions testing is one of the most dreaded parts of the entire process of applying for college. more »»

There are many ways to stay in contact with loved ones

April 2, 2020 I just want to let everyone know that with the “BeerVirus” closing schools, bars, restaurants and the Makawao Dog Park, we’re gonna keep our 234 employees working 24/7 fighting any viruse. more »»

Why it’s a good idea to visit your chiropractor for headaches

April 2, 2020 Headaches are characterized by throbbing pains in the head. The pains can be located around the scalp and temples, behind the head, atop the eyes, on the forehead and behind the nec. more »»

Online programs and distance learning

March 24, 2020 With our new reality now, including the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, most colleges and universities have shut down their brick and mortar classrooms and opted for students to complete their terms... more »»

Clearview AI App can help you identify people

March 24, 2020 There is an iPhone app called “loT Assistant. more »»

Use Time Machine to help keep your files and photos safe

March 12, 2020 I never knew why some of my iPhone messages are green and others the color of blue. When you send a regular SMS message to an Android phone, they appear green, but in iMessages, they appear blue. more »»

Need to scan a document to your iPhone?

March 5, 2020 You can scan documents to your iPhone using the Files App. First, travel to the Files App on your iPhone. Now swipe down from the top slightly until you see the three-dot icon at the top left. more »»

Community college and transferring

March 5, 2020 As students begin to get admissions notices from all of the colleges where they applied, some of those students may be having second thoughts about what they want to do or where they want to attend. more »»

Have some fun with the Clips app

February 27, 2020 I often want to copy a website address that sits on the top line and looks something like this: more »»

More iPhone tips and useful apps

February 13, 2020 In the last article, I gave you a few iPhone tips. I still have a few more you might like. more »»

Treatment for cervical pinched nerves

February 6, 2020 People who suffer from pinched nerves often experience tingling sensations, muscular weakness and numbness in the affected part of the body. more »»

Does Siri mispronounce your friends’ names?

January 30, 2020 Does Siri keep saying your friend Leah’s name as “Lee-ah” when it’s pronounced “Lay-ah?” To fix this, say, “Hey Siri,” followed by “That’s not how you pronounce [name].” Now say your friend’s nam. more »»

Don’t throw your Windows 7 computer off a cliff

January 16, 2020 Windows just came out saying that they won’t support Windows 7 anymore. Well, don’t freak out and throw your computer out the windo. more »»

College Spotlight: Boston University

January 9, 2020 Have a taste for heading to the East Coast for college? Well, Boston University (BU) is a really great choice for many reasons, but first let’s start with the city of Boston itself. more »»

What is an ESIM card?

January 2, 2020 The new Apple ESIM card allows you to switch between AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and other carriers, where the regular SIM card in most older iPhones only allows one carrier at a time. more »»

How your head affects back pain

January 2, 2020 People who suffer from back pain experience strong, pulsating pain in the spine, numbness, tingling sensation, contractions, tender muscles, and sharp pains down the legs. more »»

My list of computer DO’s and DON’Ts

December 26, 2019 Here is a list of DO’s and DO NOT’s when using a computer. Next printer, don’t buy an inkjet — look at a laser printer. They’ve come down in price and last much longer than the inkjet. more »»



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